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""We love Vrajdevi and her devotion to the path of love. Her music reflects her pure spirit and uplifting presence."

Deva Premal & Miten

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About Vrajdevi

Vrajdevi is an international Yoga Teacher, Wellness Therapist, Kirtan Leader, and Author of Spiritual Revolution. She has published three Kirtan Mantra albums, Loving Grace, Beloved and the most recent in 2022 Love Light album. With over 20 years of experience in ancient wisdom, she has dedicated her life to helping others on their unique journey to a more fulfilling life. Bhakti Yoga is a central feature in Vrajdevi´s offerings.


Vrajdevi, is passionate about helping you find holistic balance through practice of ancient wisdoms for modern time. Vrajdevi's dedicated services include yoga, meditation, and sound healing. Her classes, workshops and retreats strive to bring about a union of body, mind and spirit, and help people reconnect to the source of their inner strength.


Love Light

Love Light album is a mix of Indian classical inspired music along with Andalusian flamenco style. Featuring Roberto Herruzo who accompanies Vrajdevi with an array of instruments. Indian mantra meets fiery flamenco.

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Beloved album

A devotional Bhakti music album, combining traditional and modern musical elements. A beautiful mix of instruments, from Indian Tabla to piano and Violin, this album combines east/west magic and Vrajdevi's enchanting voice.

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Spiritual Revolution

Spiritual Revolution - Unconventional life lessons from my Teachers

Spiritual Revolution tells the true story of Vrajdevi and the journey that led her to find teachers – old and young, great and small – and in some of the most unexpected places. The book illustrates her spiritual awakening through waves of life and transformation. To anyone who has a yearning to delve deeper into the truth of ancient spiritual wisdoms and how they provide meaning for today, these stories offer inspiration to carry you forward on your own Spiritual Revolution.


Life's waves can hit with such force, knock you down so hard that you may feel it impossible to get up again. Then there are other waves that you will ride with ease and grace, floating in an ocean of infinite love. Whichever wave you may be riding right now, know that you are only one breath away from change if you desire. There is no limit to the power of the human spirit – your spirit.

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