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"We love Vrajdevi, pure devotional music."

Deva Premal & Miten

About Vrajdevi


Vrajdevi is a heartfelt Yoga Teacher, Kirtan leader, Mantra musician and Wellbeing Therapist. She has been in the healing arts world since a young child growing up with ancient Maori healing practises of New Zealand. She comes from a lineage of tribal shamanic healers.

Vrajdevi has been trained in a variety of healing arts including Buddhist meditation, Taoist Tantra, and Hindu Vedic Yoga practises. She shares classes, workshops and retreats internationally. 

She loves sharing these practises with others and has been doing so for nearly 20 years. She has devoted her life to these ancient Yoga paths and will take you on a journey of the mind body and soul. Connecting to one’s original nature and cultivating sacred inner awareness.

Vrajdevi has lived extensively in India meeting many inspirational musicians of the heart. She has always loved ancient songs from her heritage of New Zealand Maori and became naturally immersed in the Indian devotional music of Kirtan and Mantra.


Loving Grace

Debut Album 2013

The Debut album of devotional world music, Kirtan and Mantra. A collection of Sanskrit chants and spiritual love songs.

Loving Grace

Beloved album


A devotional world music album, combining traditional and modern musical elements. A beautiful mix of instruments, from Indian Tabla to piano and Violin, this album combines east/west magic and Vrajdevi's enchanting voice.

Grace Goddess

Book of Love poems

Grace Goddess, is a translation in English of the famous compilation of 41 Vrajwasha love poems, in praise of Shri Yamuna Ji.

There are various poets 10 in total, including 16th-century poet and singer Surdas.

"Vrajdevi is well versed in the Vedic traditions, especially the Path of Grace and revels in it's teachings."

Shyamdas, Vaishnav scholar, Author and Kirtan singer 

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